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About Us ~ Meet the HBMS Staff...
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Kim Mosny, CPM

Senior Midwife

HBMS Owner


Learn about Kim...

Jo Davis, DEM, PMUS

EMT-B, Assistant

First Apprentice


Learn about Jo...


 Glenda Turner, PMUS

ALACE Doula, Assistant

Second Apprectice


Learn about Glenda...

A Message from Kim...
I am very excited to be settled into Midlothian and finally,
out of boxes, organized, and busy caring for new clients.
I am feeling satisfied with it all... most especially the
growing list of clients on our Due Date Calendar !
As I have left Memphis, TN and have brought my midwifery
practice here to the Richmond, VA area, I wish to acknowledge
my friend, my student, my sister midwife, Melissa Stallings,
who has PASSED the NARM exam and is now a CPM!
She is now a TN Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife!
She is laboring hard, to give birth to her own midwifery practice.
Full Circle Midwifery is the new home birth practice, which

is taking over my Memphis, TN office space and which is

staffed by my former apprentice, Melissa Stallings, CPM-TN

and her partner, Martina Benson, who has returned to the states

from her native Germany, joining Melissa in the summer 2009.


My fondest wishes and sincerest hopes are expressed to these two,

very beautiful and wonderful 'Sister' Midwives, my friends.

I know that Memphis home birthing women and their families

will be in professional, qualified, loving  & tender hands.


Blessings to you both... Melissa and Martina!

And THANK YOU for taking care of Memphis MaMa's!


We Bring the Birth Center to YOU!!©

proudly supports the work & efforts of
the Richmond area Women's,
Birth, and Holistic Health
Educators & Practitioners

Our collaborating physicians...

 Complete Care Center
for Women
Dr. Sumac Diaz and
Dr. Jeanette Carpenter
(804) 320-4967

Chippenham Pediatrics
Dr. Alice Condro, FAAP

Harbour Pointe Office
6510 Harbour View Court, Suite 100
Midlothian, Virginia 23112-2156
TEL (804) 739.8166

Jahnke Road Office
7023 Old Jahnke Road
Richmond, Virginia 23225-4126
TEL (804) 320.1353

Atlee Chiropractic Center
Dr. Anna Madland, DC

(804) 730-7010
(804) 658.9882

Glenda Turner
Heart and Hands
Birth Services
(804) 937-6517

(804) 240.6779

... and more will follow ...

For information on "How to be listed"
email: Kim or call: (804)651-0608
Kim Mosny, CPM
Licensed in TN & VA
(901) 292-4876
(804) 651-0608

Learn about the medicinal benefits
of Placentophagy* ... through
Placental Encapsulation

Contact Bettie Sheets for
more information about
Placental Encapsulation

Email Bettie
(804) 832-1439
Bettie's Webpage

Encapsulated placenta may help to:
Increase general energy
Allow a quicker return to health after birth
Increase production of breast milk
Decrease likelihood of baby blues and
    post natal depression
Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep