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What is the difference between a Professional Midwife and a Nurse Midwife?
Why are so women having their labors induced & choosing pain medication?
A friend of mine suggested I consider having a home birth? Is it safe for me?
I watched a woman on YouTube give birth underwater. Can I do that?
Why is breastfeeding so important? I heard it hurts! Why should I breastfeed?
I've heard good and bad things about circumcision. Where can I learn more?
How can I get involved in the promotion of midwifery?
I had a Cesarean delivery as my first birth, can I have a home birth this time?
Learn more about all these subjects & how YOU can have the birth you want.


Midwifery is quite possibly the oldest profession in the world. Women have been helping women give birth since the dawn of human kind. Even among the animal kingdom, such as dolphins and primates, there are midwives... learn more

Medicalized Birth... or... Normal Birth. The choice is easy when women are healthy, respected, prepared, educated, and empowered. The Midwives Model of Care strongly espouses these simple principles... learn more

Educate yourself about your options regarding home birth...  learn more.

Join the Richmond Homebirth Meet-up

Educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of birth in the home, birth center & hospital birth... learn more


Understand the financial benefits of a home birth, paid out of pocket... and learn about the dynamics of insurance reimbursement... Compare the costs of hospital VS. home birth and understand that "You Get What You Pay For" ... learn more

Tour the amazing website of the Endowment for Human Development to discover the fascinating transformation from fertilization to fully mature fetus ready to be born! The amazing journey of the unborn human baby is respectfully represented for you to...  learn more



Laboring and giving birth in water is frequently called the midwife's epidural or an "Aquadural." Immersion in water during hard, active
labor relieves pain, reduces pressure and facilitates relaxation.
Everything you need to know about Water Birth... learn more

Understanding the benefits and risks of having a VBAC ~ Vaginal Birth After Cesarean at home ... learn more

Midwives believe in your inherit power and ability to give birth. Labor coping techniques and tools are a means to help you surrender to the awesome and amazing power of your own birth energy... learn more

Ultrasound Safety

There is rising concerns surrounding the safety of prenatal ultrasound...
learn more

BabyMoon / Lying-In ~ Postpartum Care

So much of our busy culture diminishes the physical & emotional needs of new mothers and their babies... learn more


 Do you think your newborn looks "weird"? Join the crowd. Learn more


Liquid Gold... Learn all about the benefits, importance, and loveliness of breastfeeding your baby through & beyond the first year. Learn more


Controversies about whether or not to use the the synthetic, injectible form OR the natural, oral form. Learn more


Understand the FACTS and the FICTION about Infant Circumcision so that you can make the best choice for your son... learn more

SIDS ~ Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Unfortunately with pregnancy & birth, sometimes also enters death into our lives. I have learned from my own experience with the passing of a precious home borne baby, that, I am not in control and while I can/will do all that I can do... ultimately, it is not my choice nor is it my decision whether
a baby/child lives or dies... learn more


Learn about this postive campaign to bring licensure of the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential to all 50 states... learn more

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Order a copy of your own DVD and share it with EVERYONE you know!
We have two copies for loan in our office... learn more